Fair Trade


Paño Fruits SL is a company situated in Alcover(Spain), founded in the 1987. This familiar company is dedicated into the production, elaboration and selling of nuts. In the 1992 the company starts to buy, roast and sell coffee.

In the 2000 Paño transform all his rural properties into organic and also all the products that they sell. Is in this year when we started to buy products into the origin, specially the coffe, then we meet a cooperative in Nicaragua, called “Nicaraocoop”.

When we started our commercial relationship with the south countries (the so-called developing countries) and we know about her people, culture and eco-social conditions, a deep change had happened in our organisation and not only the quality of the organic products but also the quality of the cooperation with the producers was important for us.

After this moment we started with collaborations with our partners, for example in 2001 we help a cooperative in Nicaragua to computerize his entire factory.

Since 2002 we import sugar from the company Native, in Brazil, a company very engaged with the fair trade practices and into make a better life to the Brazilians. Fairtrade and EcoCert certify this company in Fair Trade so his sugar is certified too, and we always pay the fair trade tax.

Since 2002 we continue with our colaborations and buying products from Brazil, India, Mexico, Peru and helping the cooperatives in these countries in his developing process.

Nowadays, after seeing that the south countries are under a lot of market pressures that causes a lot of suffering to her people and environment, we started in 2015 our project called: CERTUS-BIO-FAIR.



This project started in 2015 with the creation of a interns rules and criterions to control the products bought in south countries, this standard called “CERTUS-BIO-FAIR CRITERIA” are certified once a year by a external company.

Our project’s bases are to guarantee the Fair Trade’s principles: opportunities for disadvantaged producers, transparency and accountability, fair trade practices, fair payment, no children labour and no forced labour, no discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association, good working conditions, capacity building, promotions of fair trade and respect for the environment and the eco-social environment.

One of the principles actions of this project is not only pay the Fair Trade tax (that we have always payed and we are going to continue doing it) but also make a economic return directly into origin, helping the cooperatives and the people of the southern countries.

Once these principles are established, the way to do so is as follows:

  -Paño Fruits will maintain long-term business relationships by helping producers to increase their eco-social development, paying a fair price independent of market fluctuations.

  - Ensure through audits of companies authorized by the WFTO or making it, that ALL the associated producers respect ALL criteria and principles of fair trade.

  - Return 5% of the NET benefits of the products that we import from origin to origin, helping cooperatives or associations of little producers into her projects that have a direct effect into increase the eco-social environment and increasing her quality of life.

  - Transparency clear between the customers, entities and suppliers: with the batch of the final product the consumer can see the transfer made to the account of the cooperative or producer association.



Supply healthy food promotion the environment and making synergy with other producers of the southern country.

The Paño Fruits mission under the CERTUS-BIO-FAIR program is to establish a long term trade relationship with his suppliers a round the world and making them more independent from commodity price fluctuations in the world market and to support them in their eco-social development.


PROJECT IN BRAZIL: “Nosso Lar de Sertaozinho”